Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some of my favorite things....

The New York Rangers

My cat, Scungilli

Running in new places
The right kind of music

Watching my body change for the better

The Lean Green Bean
Getting Free Food in the mail!

I believe in opening myself up to new opportunities. One of the main reasons I've been in book clubs for the past 23 years is not because I'm a librarian, but rather because it forced me to read books I would have never chosen for myself; that is to say, fiction. I tend to gravitate towards history, so reading what other people choose is eye opening. It's through book clubs that I've discovered such disparate now-favorite authors as Junot Diaz, Edith Wharton, Russell Banks and Dawn Powell

It's the same with food. I love cooking and discovering new things. Living in NYC, I am surrounded by a plethora of cuisines. But what better way to see things outside your own food box than to have someone else send you a box?

I came across Lindsay's blog during my perusal of dietitian sites.  She started this foodie pen pals program and how could I resist? So, at the end of this month, I'll be posting about I was sent in the mail by some other participant. And the person who gets my box will post about what I sent. (No hints, because this person now knows about my site!)

It also gives me an opportunity to think about interesting food things around me, so I can send something appropriate. I think "typical" NY food won't work. I can just imagine filling a box with items from Yonah Shimmel and Ess-A-Bagel and pizza from childhood haunt, Joe & Pats would not win me any friends. (Mmmmmmm, stale, moldy bread and potato products in a flat rate box!)

So I'll be thinking of something different. And I'm thankful I get the chance to do so. Stay tuned!

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