Sunday, February 17, 2013

Post-trauma eating

I just came in from what was supposed to be a brisk 8 mile run on a sunny day. Instead, it turned into a nail biting obstacle course through gale force winds, shaking trees and flying debris. I avoided the collapsing street sign but did get face-sprayed with flying gravel.  Fun!

Actually, not fun. At all! Scary. Damn scary.

When I got home, my body was craving protein and lots of it. Maybe it was the adrenaline rush. (I did some research on it while I was cooking, but no luck...yet!)

And here's what I created to sate my appetite:

Mung bean "noodles" with kale and chicken sausage blended with curry spices

These "noodles" are marketed as "faux food" pasta, which I feel does them a great disservice. I cannot picture them serving well in a carbonara or even primavera. They are sooooo not pasta.

I like them because they taste like yuba (tofu skin), which is what they basically are, but from mung beans.

But that wasn't all I ate...

Half-size onion socca with peanut butter.

Yes one of the cravings I've developed is onions and peanut butter together. I use natural peanut butter (just peanuts and salt), but I imagine "regular" peanut butter (with it's HFCS or "cane syrup") would taste odd here. But I like this combo!

And these dishes hit the spot. 

In the past, I think I might have reached for something more sweet and "comforting", but partly through conditioning and partly through clarity, I try to do better now. I will say the the previous weeks have been pretty stressful and the bingy craving were in full force. But this sort of post-fear eating brought up other ideas.

I thinking it's time to research some more psychology journals....

But now it's chill time.

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