Monday, April 22, 2013

Back to Basics

Luther Halsey Gulick with Physical Department students, 1890 
Courtesy of Springfield College, Babson Library, Archives and Special Collections.
(via the Digital Public Library of America. If you haven't yet checked out this great new site, do so now and them come back...I'll be here.)

Such strapping youths, and they look like they appreciate a variety of workouts. (I'm not actually sure what some of those items are). I bet there was no talk of "muscle confusion" back then.

And with this fine weather finally appearing, it's time once again to mix up the workout. My last measurements with the trainer showed an increase in chest, shoulders, arms and legs. However, the diet has not been overly great. I can see a little more emotional binge stuff going on. So even though I've probably put on a few pounds from being bigger, muscle-wise, I'm pretty sure most of it is just plain old bad food residue.

And that can't happen. Keeping it off is still a full time job and studies show that successful maintenance requires planning and continuing work.

But with better weather comes a better dedication to all this. My workouts have been very oriented towards weight training and cardio was taking a back seat, usually because the weight training was taking over an hour to complete. The evening sessions with the trainer meant mornings were for cardio, but truthfully, I've been finding gym cardio a drag. And my weight training certainly was making me sweat!

But now with early sunrises comes a return to lots of outside running. So this month's schedule:

Monday: (morning) 5K run, (Evening) Chest w/trainer
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Shoulders
Thursday: (Morning) 5K run, (Evening) Arms w/trainer
Friday: Legs (or 8K run)
Saturday: 8-12K run
Sunday: Pilates (and 8-10K run)

And, of course, it's not just adding back more cardio. It's time to once again really look at what I'm eating. Cut back on some of the bad stuff. Be more aware about caloric intake. And just be more aware of why and when I'm eating.

Lindsay, the force behind Foodie Pen Pals, recently blogged about her falling away from the "vegetarian/vegan" label of eating she's been doing. Her post, My Diet Doesn't Need a Label, really hits the mark. Why keyhole yourself to a particular diet if it means you're "breaking the rules" when you might go off "topic", or people might judge you for it? 

Now, some of my friends have commented that my constant referencing of RD blogs must involve some kind of  self-worth issue, as they believe dietitian blogs are WAY too positive and peppy for someone of my *ahem" demeanor. 

(I think I am peppy. Snarky, yes, But peppy in my own way)

And, while RD blogs probably are more about promoting healthiness than other topics (which is pretty peppy), it doesn't mean one of these folks doesn't hit the nail on the head in their posts.

And Lindsay probably gives the most succinct answer I can could think of for anyone wishing to know what the "perfect diet is":

"I’ll focus on making healthy choices, eating a well-balanced diet, choosing correct portions sizes and enjoying my food!"


"I think you should do what works for YOU and not worry about everyone else."

So it is back to basics. Effective peppy basics. 
See? Here's dinner:
Mung beans and kale with kielbasa, apricots, cranberries and curry leaves

A non-genre, non-label, non-diet but damn fine dinner.

Works for me!



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