Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy National Registered Dietitian Day!

RD Day

Yes, Happy Day of celebrating your work, your methods and providing me with endless opportunities to delve into personal research topics!

Yours was not a profession to which I knew much about nor I was drawn to it, despite my years in the Food & Ag areas.But my road to Streamlined Ska Librarian lifestyle has made me see the similarities in our work and let's me appreciate all you do. (Including joining in a monthly food exchange! How bad can that be?)

So, in honor of the influence you've had, you RDs of many lands, here's my off-the-cuff homage, creating that melange of interests. Let it be an inspiration for working on many things at once:

The Del Monte "tombstone" is from my work running a Food & Agribusiness Library in a previous job.


And go find your organizations' librarian to get some work done together!

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