Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back in a slimmer, trimmer way!

For those who were following this blog in the previous incarnation of Rebbetzin Man in Japan, you're probably shocked to receive an update after 1.5 years. A lot has happened and it was time to return to the blogging fold for several reasons. Many years ago from 1996-2002, I had a "pre-blog" website called the Ska Librarian. In many ways this is a return to those days, or at least that persona.

However there have been some big changes these many years. A marriage and subsequent divorce, living abroad (while still married) and many shifts of jobs. One very major thing has happened, though, and that is with my body. After being overweight my entire life, with many diet attempts lasting only a few months, something finally "clicked." Through diet and exercise I have lost 75 lbs. and it's now been over a year that I've kept it off. That in itself puts me in a very small percentile of weight loss maintenance.

A lot of folks have asked me how I did it (and many seem disappointed that it wasn't anything magical or easy), but I have decided to start blogging again to share this continuing journey. And, being the librarian that I am, I've spent this time doing some large literature searches on weight loss and maintenance. And, like all bloggers, I have an opinion about it!

There may be some library-oriented pieces along the way, but most of this is about me and my lesser self. 

So, welcome back to me!!


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