Monday, August 12, 2013

One apology at a time

I was skimming through the weekly links at the Lean Green Bean website (home of Foodie Pen Pals) and I came across this one: An Open Apology to My Weight Loss Clients.

I suggest you read the whole thing. Is it possible for something to make me feel angry and satisfied at the same time?

"I am sorry because many of you walked in healthy and walked out with disordered eating, disordered body image, and the feeling that you were a 'failure.' None of you ever failed. Ever. I failed you. The weight loss company failed you. Our society is failing you." 

I never joined a diet program such as this, but I certainly know about yo-yo diets, the starvation periods, the endless feelings of not "doing well enough" at it from family and "experts." I am glad this person has taken some accountability in this but it will not change the bigger picture. Even the comments section of her post are filled with the usual, "Well, this worked for me, you all are doing it wrong! Only xxxx calories and such." And I think, "Seriously? You can't just accept that we're enforcing serious body issues on men and women with this crap? You have to call out others?"

It makes me mad because even in my Streamlined present-day self, I still feel and see fatness on me. I do not always see the successful way I changed my life and health. There's enough media and diet industry folks out there to make me feel it's not good enough.

So thank you to this person for at least admitting that a lot of damage gets done to people who really just want to feel better about themselves.

You don't have to be Streamlined to have a hot body and feel good about it.

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