Friday, June 28, 2013

June Foodie Pen Pals Reveal

Once again, here we are and once again, I got a great package! I have to say I am impressed that each Foodie Pen Pal box has been so different. It's been a great way not only to share new food items, but also to interact with folks I probably would never have come across in my own sordid, urban life plan. It makes me feel better that I'm sending such weird stuff around the country.

This month, I received a package from Dawn at Bare It All Fitness:

Hey, thanks, Dawn! And that business card rocks! (I have my own logo tattooed on me, but that's harder to use in everyday polite situations).

So, what did Dawn send me?

Sorry for the glare. That summer sun does hit pretty hard in this one window.
There was Old Dominion Chipotle Peanut Squares, Cinnabon Almonds, Some whey protein and energy mixes from Optimum Performance, a Clif Bar, Justin's Maple Almond Butter, agave syrup packs, A Stretch Island Fruit Strip, and a Celsius Sparkling Orange Drink Mix.

And yes, much of this was new to me.

And what did I eat first?

Was there any doubt? I was a little hesitant about a Cinnabon product, as one of those babies can wreak havoc on my Streamlined lifestyle, but the ingredients for these were only almonds, sugar, cinnamon and salt. Fine in any moderate way, and they tasted exactly like the incredibly unhealthy packs of roasted, coated peanuts you find on the streets of NYC, that i used to scarf down every cold day:

Via 9to5travel
These were obviously healthier! The Chipotle peanut squares were also great. It's a true testament to self-control that I can bring myself to share any nut gifts I receive through these food exchanges. But my co-workers did get some of these snacks. This time.

Protein mixes and workout drinks are not something I've dabbled in much. So I tried a few of these before my 5 AM weight training sessions and they certainly do give you a boost! I'm saving the rest for my vacation running in the Alps. (More on that next month).

In fact, this package was perfectly timed to try out some more portable items for my travels. I think most of these would work well as I hike and jog along Les Hautes Alpes:

We shall soon see! (Or "Nous verrons bientôt!")

So thanks and merci beaucoup once again, Dawn! This was a much appreciated Foodie Pen Pal delivery!

I sent my FPP box to Amy in Austin. Check out her site to see what she thought!

And if you're interested in joining the hundreds of folks involved in Foodie Pen Pals, click on the image below. I've been seeing it's hit or miss, but so far I've had a lot more hits than misses. And hey, free food in the mail!

The Lean Green Bean

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