Friday, May 31, 2013

May Foodie Pen Pals Reveal

Here we are again. Last month was a little sad with no box appearing, but this month more than made up for it. 

I was matched up with Kristen from Pudgie Pies and she sent a doozy!

Can I even pack this nicely? Never!

 The box was chock full of amazing things, all locally from the York, PA area.

There was Wolfgang Candy's Farmer Fair chocolate covered pretzels, salted cashews from Mike's Nuts, Kaufman's apple butter, Kessler's honey mustard, an assortment of soft drinks from the Appalachian Brewing Company, a couple of meat snacks from Shaffer Venison Farms and a home-made mix of m&ms, cookies, nuts and pretzels! Mmmmm..

Even more so, Kristen added a note for each item giving some background on it:

The way to any librarian's heart is through provenance description!

The nuts and apple butter went within a day. Too, too good. I especially liked how the apple butter had no added sugar or sweeteners. Just apples and spices. Perfect for Streamlined Ska Librarian lifestyle (although eating it all in a day may not be!)

The pretzels and home-made mix managed to survive enough for me to share them at work. 

Since my time in Japan, I tend to shy away from sodas, but I had to give these a try. So far, I've drank the Birch Beer (reminiscent of a good cream soda) and the root beer (gassily good!)

As for the venison, you can see from that note that Kristen said it was all right if I didn't eat them. But what was the first thing I opened?


And I wasn't the only house member who got excited once the package was opened: 

Flying leap kitty. I barely escaped with all my fingers.

So, thank you SOOO much, Kristen! It was not only an excellent FPP package, its inspiring me to step it up on my own boxes!

Speaking of which, my box this month was sent to Sara at Nubcakes. As she was also a NYC-based person, it made my package more of a challenge. You can check out her sight to see what I sent.

Interested in Joining Foodie Pen Pals? Check out the website to join!

The Lean Green Bean


  1. Fun FPP box! Glad you escaped intact after the feline food attack. Our cat, Neko, rarely went after food but he'd take anyone down who stood between him & a piece of string.

    1. Hi Kat,

      Yeah, he's more like a it first and then decide if he likes it later. Looks like you got a great box this month, too!

  2. Looks like an awesome box! Love the idea of wrapping each thing individually and writing descriptions for it. I'll have to try!

    1. I know, right? I definitely have to step up my own packing!